Future of Team Anna’s Political Party

On the occasion of declaration by Team Anna to give India a political alternative, here are few questions raised by political analysts and few outcomes of my thought process in response.

1) Will Team Anna’s party will focus on 3-4 key points and contest election on those or will comment on every issue being churned by all parties? Key focus will draw more confidence and more support thought India cutting across all divisions.

2) Will Team Anna’s party achieve JanLokpal very soon?
It may be a long journey. MK Gandhi having support of whole India took many decades to root out British. But this party will bring a positive change in political system of India with being a clean and people’s party.

3) Will Team Anna’s party sustain electoral system ruled by region, religion, caste, money and muscle power?
The party may fail to come out as the single largest party or even may win no seat, but such party coming as choice to people will bring change in the electoral politics. Either this party will drive the change or other parties will improve to sustain the change. Any outcome will be positive and useful for future of the country.
Someone has rightly said you need to prepare yourself in politics to lose first election, to be a cause of loss for someone in 2nd election and to win 3rd election!

4) Will Team Anna’s party contest in whole India in general elections in 2014?

5) Will Team Anna’s party get support from upper class, business class, bureaucrats who do not wish to have any Lokpal?
I guess this party has the biggest boon as being an alternative for better future of India and has support by common man which is the major of the populations. Basic rule of politics says that none can satisfy everyone!

6) Is the fast ending without SIT or Janlokpal a failure?
I guess Govt being ignorant to the demand of people, being insensitive to the fast and protest, the movement was left with no choice to move and fight for the main cause which is rooting out the corruption.

7) Can Team Anna’s Party maintain uniformity in being vocal?
Although many members have different opinions on different matters and have been vocal within their individual capacity, now being a responsible part of a political party, anybody will keep himself in line with the goal and objective of his or her party.

8) Will Team Anna’s party go for coalition with good people or parties or will fight elections alone?
It will be difficult to say yes or no to this.

9) Will this movement die after forming a political party?
No, the movement will become more impressive having an effective tool as political party to ensure policies for strong Lokpal bill.

10) Will this singing, dancing and supporting mass in India to Team Anna’s movement support the political party and will vote for?
Team Anna has to focus on key point and need to ensure that they will not get diverted when entering main stream politics which is deep and wide spectrum.



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