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army2Sequence of Events:

  • On Thursday June 4, militants ambushed an Army convoy and killed 18 soldiers from 6 Dogra regiment in the Chandel district of Manipur, the deadliest attack in two decades.
  • The day after attack on army, army chief Dalbir Singh Suhaag canceled his visit to the UK and reached on the site of action started collecting info.
  • National Security Advisor Ajit Doval skipped a Bangladesh visit over the weekend with the PM because he was under specific instructions from PM Narendra Modi to give a “swift response” to the attack. He camped in Manipur as was asked to lead this operation.
  • The decision to go in for a hot pursuit was taken just hours after the ambush on June 4 in a meeting that was chaired by Home Minister Rajnath Singh and attended by Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, Indian army chief Dalbir Singh Suhag and others.
  • Massive hunt operation started on Friday 5th June by Army in Manipur and border area along Myanmar. Search operation concluded that the militants are not in Indian states but found that the militant strike force of 15 heavily armed guerillas had managed to reach a training camp at the Htan Ta Pin village in Myanmar close to the border town of Moreh.
  • The intelligence collected had photographs of 2 terror camps. Technical intercepts and reconnaissance missions confirmed the presence of the militants in the two camps, which was kept under surveillance by air force UAVs for hours.
  • The Prime Minister’s Office authorised the planned cross-border operation. Then Indian army keeping mayanmar in coordination started operation HOT PURSUIT. PMO is reported to have monitored the sensitive operation in real-time.
  • The Indian Air Force was roped in to drop crack troops from 21 Para deep inside Myanmar late Monday night. IAF Mi-17 choppers were used to insert and exfiltrate troops who spent several hours making their way to the militant camps through rough terrain and thick vegetation.
  • The operation started by 3am on Tuesday 9th June 2015. Many militants belonging to NSCN (K) and KYKL (Meitei Kanglei Yawol Kunna Lup) were killed in the surgical operation in which Indian troops suffered no casualties.
  • The commandos safely returned to Indian territory after silencing the insurgents’ guns in a 13 hour-operation in which IAF choppers and drones assisted the SF(Special Forces) soldiers.
  • Indian Army Officials confirmed that apart from Tuesday’s cross border operation, at least four attackers involved in the Manipur assault have been killed in the past few days, including the leader of the operation.
  • Myanmar Army Officials confirmed that they were kept in the loop for this operation but there was no participation of Myanmar Army in it.


  • For a nation to carry out a surgical strike outside its borders,it needs two things.
    1. An able army: which India has already
    2. An able leader: which India got in the form of Narendra Modi
  • Same was the army, same were the borders and same problems but in spite of being capable of doing so, our army was unable to perform such swift response operations without Govt permission.
  • Such cross-border operations need strong leadership at home who supports the Army as well as manages the diplomatic relationship with the country where the operation is to be carried out.
  • You may remember what happened under the recent UPA leadership when Indian soldiers were beheaded on our soil. What did the Govt do? ONLY STRONG CONDEMNATION!-such a shame!! It must have hit the morale of the Defence staff. But now we have an able leader at the helm who is ready to go an extra mile for the country and it’s safety and hence it was possible to carry out a successful surgical strike in enemy territory.
  • It was a one-off operation but shows India is now serious about dealing with cross border terrorism and can go up to any limit to deal.
  • Fatalities among the insurgents in are believed to be around 50 in operation HOT PURSUIT. More than the toll, the daring raid, which saw commandos crawling hundreds of meters to raid the camps, marked the unveiling of India’s new response to unconventional threats irrespective of where they come from. This was the first declared instance of the use of the doctrine of pre-emption: a principle that the US invokes to disregard constraints of national borders to nip threats.
  • Narendra Modi’s leadership cleared the cross-border pursuit because it was considered necessary to lift the morale of the Army after it lost 30 of its men in 3 attacks by insurgents in recent time, as well as to send across a message to “perpetrators of terror wherever they are”.
  • Apart from asserting the strength of the Indian State, the operation is also seen to send a crucial message to China, which has, according to Indian intelligence sources, been supporting varied militant ultras in the North East. Just recently intelligence sources argued that ULFA commander Paresh Baruah had sought refuge in the Yunan Province of China.
  • This operation was just not a revenge but also neutralized the imminent threat of similar attacks to the Manipur incident which were planned by militants as the Indian Army intelligence sources confirmed.
  • This is not the first time Indian Army has performed a cross-border operation. But never before have cross-border operations been conducted by India so quickly after an action by militants. Nor have they been acknowledged immediately.

Credit of this operation:

  • First and foremost, hats off the my most patriotic Indian army. An army of truly heroic and brave people for carrying out this courageous act. Truly proud of the Jawans! A clean surgical strike at two different and distant terrorists camps in Myanmar without a single casuality of ours shows the capability and strengths.
  • NSA advisor Ajit Doval played a major role in collating intelligence inputs and controlling the operation closely along with Indian Army Chief.
  • Indian PM Narendra Modi who gave strong support to Indian Army for hot pursuit of these terrorists who killed 18 Indian Army Jawans on 4th June in a cowardly attack. Credit to Modi can not be denied at all. I am sure there were many people who have been doing fun on his International visits and many political analysts criticized Modi for his Myanmar visit and ask why would he visit such a country who was no diplomatic benefits to offer. I guess now it is clear to all that such surgical strike in Myanmar would not have been possible without proper diplomatic relations. He kept his promise: “MAI DESH ZUKANE NAHI DUNGA”


Bharat Mata Ki Jai! Jai Ho!!

Few important statements:


“Any threat to our integrity will result in a firm response.”- Additional Director General Military Ops India

“The raid was possible because of Modi’s visits to several countries where India’s intention towards a friendly neighbourhood and commitment towards mutual development was made as evident as its zero tolerance towards terror”. “We will not tolerate any strikes on India or Indians. We’ll always wield the initiative on either being friendly or engaging in aggressive action. We will strike at a place and at a time of our choosing,”- Minister of state Information and Broadcasting Colonel Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, a retired colonel of the Indian army.

“Saugandh hai muze iss mitti ki, Desh nahin mitne doonga , Main desh nahin jhukne doonga”-  Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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2 thoughts on “Operation HOT PURSUIT

  1. There was a similar attack on the Indian Army on Aug 2013 when 5 Jawans were killed and beheaded by Pakistan Army(SSG).
    The following day the UPA Govt’s Defence minister AK Anthony comes with the following statement in the Parliament “terrorists along with persons dressed in Pakistan Army uniform came and attack”. He initially disagreed of Pakistan involvement in attack and gave Pakistan the much required escape route.This was the approach of the UPA/Congress government who just hardly care about the lives and dignity of the soldier.They always had enough time to plan the scams but they don’t have any time to plan and allow such type of operation with the Army.

    Now,what happened in the Myanmar is a honest/sincere/patriotic efforts by the whole team :
    1. Army/Airforce
    2.Ministry of Home/PMO/Defence ministry/NSA chief.


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