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Indian Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi is yet to touch down in Delhi after his US & Ireland visit from 23rd to 29th September, which included a rock star reception by the Indian community in Silicon Valley, and already there is much buzz about a bigger ‘UKWelcomesModi’ community reception planned at London’s famous Wembley Stadium on Friday 13th November 2015! Modi will make his first visit to Britain as PM in November to coincide with Diwali 2015 celebrations.

With over a billion population, India is the world’s one of the biggest and fast emerging economies in the world which is also ranked high in the globe by ethnic and cultural diversity level. Britain’s largest Indian diaspora in the world is eagerly waiting to deliver the loudest, greatest and most vibrant welcome Narendra Modi has seen outside of his home nation by booking out Wembley Stadium in London.


In September 2014, Mr Modi attended community reception in packed out Madison Square Garden in New York with a barnstorming speech for 19,000 20,000 members of the Indian community in a stadium packed to capacity whereas his reception in Dubai was attended by 40,000 people. Around 70,000 people are expected at Wembley Stadium to attend the biggest community reception for Shri. Narendra Modi.


The Wembley Stadium, a football stadium that seats 90,000 people, has been booked for Friday, November 13, for what is being called an Olympic-style reception hosted by the Indian community, 1.6 million strong in the UK. Due to the stage set up it is expected that maximum 70,000 can attend this grand community reception. The event will start with a specially produced cultural show featuring well-known British Indian artists and it will be followed by speech by Shri. Narendra Modi and to celebrate his visit coinciding with the festival of Diwali, the event will finish with a grand finale at Wembley stadium featuring the biggest fireworks display ever seen in the Britain according to the organizers – Europe India Forum.


The UKWelcomesModi community Reception at Wembley Stadium is organized by the not-for-profit organisation called as Europe India Forum UK in association with more than 450 Welcome Partners across the UK. Europe India Forum UK aims to promote India-Europe relations organized by the communities for the European Indian community.

“UKWelcomesModi will bring together individuals from the 1.6 million-strong Indian community in Britain from all backgrounds, generations, faiths and regions – to celebrate two great nations with one glorious future,” the organizers say on the website. Over 450 organisations including community associations, cultural groups, Arts Promoting Groups, and Indian centers have signed up as Welcome Partners for the community reception.

The community reception UK Welcomes Modi will pay a tribute to the growing collaboration and strengthening ties between the two countries around trade, aid and commerce. It will also highlight the important contributions the Indian diaspora living in the UK have made to all fields of British life.

Through his speech, PM Narendra Modi will share his vision of India of the future as the country enters the next wave of growth and innovation.

The free to attend but invitation-only event is expecting to host over 70,000 people from the British Indian community. The organizers have shared an invitation code with the hundreds of Welcome Partners for the UKWelcomesModi event and General Registrations are underway currently and will be closed on 2nd October 2015. Welcome Partners are also working to book coaches from their respective towns and cities across the UK to Wembley Stadium to attend this event and they are calling this dedicated service for the event as “Modi Express”.


Registration are open for all now without any code required and registrations will close on 2nd October 2015.

Registration link: 

Welcome Partners report that there unprecedented demand for the invites and enthusiasm in people to attend this community reception even though it is organised on Friday a working day. Many people have taken day off from work and got successfully day off from school for their young children as they want the youth to witness the charismatic, dedicated Prime Minister of India who has devoted his life for the betterment of the country selflessly. Shri. Modi is believed to be a living inspiration to many and there is electric enthusiasm in Indian diaspora in the UK to see him in Wembley Stadium on Friday 13th November.

“Very few leaders can fill the Wembley Stadium,” quipped UK Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday 28th Sept, when he met PM Modi in New York on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly. This statement explains the grandness of the community reception being organised at Wembley Stadium.

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