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Intolerance or Hypocrisy? Or both?

What happened?

A leading Marathi newspaper group, Lokmat’s office was attacked in multiple places in Maharashtra. The copies of the Sunday edition of the newspaper were also burnt at several places because of a cartoon published in Lokmat’s supplement Manthan which depicted text related to ISLAM and ISIS (ISLAMIC STATE- the most evil extremist organisation in the world). There wrere lot of protests against this article, newspaper property damagaed in attacks on its various offices. An FIR was also registered against the cartoonist and the editor of the newspaper.  Finally, the editor succumbed to pressure and extended an immediate apology for the cartoon and assured that action against cartoonist. Security at all the Lokmat offices across Maharashtra has been beefed up by Maharashtra Police.

Here is the photo in question:



The intention of the cartoonist to show that the ISIS gets funding from all over the world, that’s why the currency of different countries are shown pouring in to a BANK and Bank is shown by PIGYBANK. Since ISIS uses Islam’s name for their work, the cartoonist showcased that by writing Allah on the “PIGGYBANK”. The clear depiction is ISIS using Islam name to get funding for their extremism and all evil work.

The illustration showed symbols of various national currencies representing international sources of funding to ISIS– falling into a piggy bank, which was painted like the ISIS flag i.e. black in color with the terror group’s seal depicted in Arabic script.

The Muslim groups protesting, claimed that the illustration was blasphemous (disrespect to God or religion)

So what is wrong? ISIS using ISLAM religion for their evil work or a cartoonist depicting the fact? What should be condemned? THINK..

In recent attack by ISIS, they asked the hostages to recite aayat from Quran and killed hostages who could not. ISIS gave two options to Yazidis- either to convert to ISLAM or get killed.

Though ISIS do not represent ISLAM, they are using the name of ISLAM and it should be condemned strongly every every moment and by everybody until ISIS is over. The problem is we are shooting the messenger!! Instead of condemning evil ISIS using name of ISLAM (creating problems for all MUSLIMS across the world) we are condemning the cartoonist who is depicting the FACT!

Its very unfortunate state of affair. It is like forget the main problem but punishing the test lab assistant who has shown the problem on a report!

There is absolutely no discussion about the news article highlighting the funding to this extremist group, impact and threat to the society! But people are more interested in the cartoonist using ISIS seal on it’s cartoon! Funny world, isn’t it. It’s like giving a blind eye to the biggest evil and protest, rampage and punish for displaying the facts. Very unfortunate and too dangerous for the peace and future of society!

The good thing I feel is the media house is owned by a senior Congress Leader. Had there been any relationship of any BJP karyakarta with this media house, Modi would have been blamed for everything!

Food for thought:
1) All these protesters will protest the cartoonist for depicting a fact but they will not do anything to stop Indian youth getting brain washed to join ISIS. WHY?
2) There will not be any discussion on main stream media about problem of ISIS, using ISLAM, brainwashing and recruiting Indian youth, impact on India etc. WHY?
3) No politician, who all have been talking about intolerance, will make any a strong statement against ISIS. WHY?
4) Just for depicting what ISIS is doing, an artist should not be criticized. Where are our intellectuals now who were talking about freedom of expression? Isn’t the fundamental right of cartoonist and editor compromised by this intolerant protest? Where is Award Wapasi Gang? Why no voice against this intolerance? Why selective outrage? WHY?
5) By doing this protest and supporting this protest, are we not giving wrong indication to the society? Will not it help ISIS to garner more sympathy among Indian Muslims, they are targeting to recruit?
6) Lokmat Daily is no Charlie Hebdo. There is no provocation but only facts published by Lokmat, then why is there selective outrage by these ambassadors of ‘Intolerant’ India?


Newspaper draws piggy bank to show ISIS funding, Muslim groups attack it as pig is “unislamic”


One thought on “Intolerance or Hypocrisy? Or both?

  1. Comment on Facebook:
    See, M. F Hussain painting Hindu Goddesses in the nude is Freedom of Expression.

    But people getting offended by it are ‘intolerant bigots’ and they have no right to protest.

    But IBN-Lokmat using a pic of a piggy bank to to illustrate a story on ISIS – The terror organisation with NO religion is ‘intolerance and bigotry’

    However, some people with NO religion attacking IBN-Lokmat because of the illustration is Freedom Of Expression again. Ergo, THEY have the right to protest.

    Understand children?


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