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Why is it dangerous to ignore Malda riots for India?

“There is no communal tension in WB”. This is a statement from Chief Minister of West Bengal state after five days more than one lakh protesters went on the rampage in a town called Kaliachak of district Malda of West Bengal, setting fire to a police station and more than 35 government and private vehicles, looting many shops, threating residents and destroying temples.


Mamata is attempting an eyewash for the sake of vote bank politics but leading the state to a dangerous position by encouraging destructive mob psychology. People who have gone out of control and stoking communal tension must be dealt with severely to restore a sense of security. By protecting them a wrong precedence is being set up in the country now, which is very dangerous.

It’s high time for true intellectuals and seculars to raise their voice.


What happened in Malda?

On Sunday 3rd January, when a Muslim organisation Anjuman Ahle Sunnatul Jamaat (AJS) organised a protest rally against Kamlesh Tiwari for allegedly making controversial remarks on Prophet Muhammad in Uttar Pradesh.

Why the protest was organised?

1. Samajwadi Party leader,  a prominent Muslim leader and UP Minister Azam Khan called RSS leaders as homosexuals. He also added that this was the reason why they don’t get married.

2. Self-proclaimed leader from UP Kamlesh Tiwari in his rebuttal, remarked that Prophet Mohammad was the first ever homosexual.

3. Hindu Mahasabha has already clarified that Kamalesh Tiwari is NOT their Hindu leader.

4. Since Kamlesh Tiwari was arrested in Lucknow, over his alleged remarks, on 3rdDecember itself, what was the point in protesting violently after one month ?

5. The police has already imposed a case of National Security Act on Kamlesh Tiwari. A case under IPC sections 153-A (promoting enmity between groups on ground of religion and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony) and 295-A (deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs) was registered against Tiwari at Lucknow’s Naka Hindola police station.

6. So if everything that could be done under the law, was done to Kamlesh Tiwari, & the prosecution procedure is under way, then why this wrath on innocent Hindus? Their temples ? Public property ?

7. Have the Muslims shown this much hurry for justice in cases of punishing terrorists like Yakub Menon & Afzal Guru ?

Kamlesh Tiwari is sent to jail under the charges of hate speech but there is no legal action against Azam Khan.

Are riots in Malda, West Bengal justified for this statement of one individual in Uttar Pradesh?

Why was there any need of such protest demanding to hang Kamlesh Tiwari when he is in jail and facing legal action for his statement? Do people want Shariya Law in the country to hang him before our judiciary takes a decision? The law is taking its own course and Kamlesh Tiwari is in jail, then why such protests? For Shakti Pradarshan and hooliganism? Or this is part of conspiracy to disrupt India’s communal harmony?

How did the protest turn into riot?

The protest by more than one lakh people (many media reports claim the count to be more than 2.5 lakh) soon turned violent which has been seen many times proving the mob psychology. The protesters, some of whom were allegedly armed, blocked traffic on the National Highway 34, had angry altercation with BSF jawans when their jeep was stuck in this traffic jam. The crowd then ransacked the jeep and attacked the Kaliachak police station and vehicles parked outside it. They also ransacked police barracks, a Block Development Officer’s office and a locality where mostly Hindus live.

The area, in the north Bengal district of Malda bordering Bangladesh is known to be a hub of criminal activities including smuggling, running of counterfeit currency rackets, opium farming and human trafficking. No surprises then that the police station would have housed records of such organised crimes and their destruction would benefit criminals who may be internationally connected.

It is very important to note that there was no retaliation when this mob also ransacked a locality where mostly Hindus live.

Why did Police fail to contain the riots?

According to reporters on the ground, the scared look on the faces of those uniformed men said it all. The disbelief at being battered black and blue in the hands of a murderous mob, even fired at, and the simmering discontent at not having the “permission” from the police top brass to retaliate were apparent a little later, when the first contingent of media personnel managed to get those reactions on camera.

Political background of the region and aftermath of Malda riots:

Malda is the centre for Bangladeshi infiltrators who are indulged in Human Trafficking, Fake Currency Operations, Drug peddling and the same group is trying to establish their supremacy in the area and the riots are result of the same.

It is important to note that assembly polls are due later this year in Bengal, where almost 30 per cent voters are Muslim. Their swing away from the Left played an important role in Mamata Banerjee’s stunning victory in 2011. 51 per cent of Malda, which borders Bangladesh, is Muslim. TMC won just one assembly seat out of 12 in 2011 but since then, defections from the Congress and the Left have brought the TMC’s tally up to five.

Hence for the sake of vote bank politics, Mamata is pulling her state to a dangerous position from where it will be difficult for the Hindus of Bengal to survive and it will hurt the secular fabric of the country.

Mamata has history of going to extreme end for minority appeasement. Banning Durga Puja, announcing bonus only for Muslim Government staff are just few examples.

There is no 24*7 news, debates on national media, there is no intolerance comment by seculars and there is no award wapasi! West Bengal CM is protecting the rioters instead of taking stringent action.

Why are we selectively tolerant of offences by minority community of the country? Is this good for the future of country? Where are we heading to?

The days are not far when we will see Malda riots replicating across the country if these rioters are not legally penalised.

Oh wait, it is already started! Malda fire reaches Bihar’s Purnea; protesters ransack police station on 7th January 2016.


Tweets on News Media silence on Malda riots:



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