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JNU- Uni becoming terrorists manufacturing machine!

I was upset and very much angry to see JNU students shouting anti-India slogans.  Being 7,658 km away from my motherland, I still felt the immense pain as much as any other patriotic Indian in India. Further the frustration grew when I saw every Tom Dick and Harry from political circle who does not have any job, visiting the campus, extending the support to these anti-nationals and starting the circus! It can happen only in India! People who shout slogans against India, are being supported by Congress, Leftists parties, almost all opposition parties, prestitute media and pseudo seculars.  Is this justified? Is it logical? I am out of answers. Let’s go through the sequence of events and help me to solve this important riddle of India.

JNUSU members pasted posters across the campus inviting students to gather for a protest march against “judicial killing of Afzal Guru and Maqbool Bhatt” and in solidarity with “struggle of Kashmiri people for their democratic right to self-determination” at varsity’s Sabarmati dhaba on Tuesday 9th February.

ABVP members objected to the event and wrote to the Vice-Chancellor that such kind of marches should not be held on campus of an educational institution, prompting the university administration to order cancellation of the march.

But the organizers went ahead with the program despite the cancellation of the permission and held a cultural program, art and photo exhibition on the issue rather than a protest where posters were exhibited depicting Afzal Guru as martyr and provocative messages against India! Is this a cultural event? May be the innocent organizers are right, this is a cultural event and they are showing their culture and teaching they got from their parents and teachers!!!


When JNU students’ union joint secretary Saurabh Kumar, who is the only ABVP member in the union tried to stop JNUSU from organizing this event he was shown a gun! ABVP students protested against this event to VC demanding expulsion of those who organised this anti-national event without permission.

To counter the protest by ABVP, JNUSU students gathered and raised anti-India slogans and for freedom of Kashmir and Kerala.

“Pakistan Zindabad“ “Go India Go Back”

“Bharat Tere Tukdey Honge, Insha Allah Insha Allah”.

“Kashmir mange Azadi, Kerala mange Azadi”.

“Nara-e-takdeer Insha allaha”

“Bharat Ki Barbadi Tak Jang Rahegi Jari”

“Kashmir Ki Azadi Tak Jang Rahegi Jari”

“Afzal Ham Sharminda Hae Tere Qatil Zinda Hae”

“Tum Kitane Afzal Maroge, Har Ghar Se Afzal Nikalega”

“Afzal Tere Khoon Se Inqalab Ayega”

It’s all idiocy, stupidity and hypocrisy. Any patriotic Indian (JNU proves now that not all Indians are patriots) will fume with anger to hear such slogans against India on Indian soil. It’s time every Indian has to decide which side they are.

“The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.” – Dante Alighieri

JNUSU sympathises Afzal Guru, the terrorist who attacked Indian Parliament, questions his hanging, call it as Judicial Killing. JNUSU members say that 3/4 judges can not decide if Afzal Guru was right or wrong! What I personally find shameful is that, the JNU extremes or brainwashed idiots were chanting these slogans in favour of a TERRORIST Mohammad Afzal Guru a.k.a Afzal Guru who was tried in our courts of law and found guilty of waging war against our nation.

To those who don’t remember, on 13 Dec, 2001 six terrorists carrying AK-47s, Grenade Launchers, Pistols and Grenades had entered the Parliament premises and fired indiscriminately killing 5 people and injuring over 20.
After a prolonged investigation and court case, Afzal Guru was found guilty of masterminding the attacks and was sentenced to death in 2002. However, there was petition, followed by more petitions, hearing and more hearings which prevented Afzal Guru’s hanging. Finally, he ran out of all recourse when the current President of India Pranab Mukherjee rejected his mercy petition, and he was hanged on Feb 9, 2013.
This is the TERRORIST that ultra-Left extremes were trying to paint as a “martyr” and celebrate. In doing so they portrayed Afzal’s hanging as “Judicial Killing” which means that, according to them, it was a state sponsored murder.

JNUSU supports SIMI- the banned terrorist organisation in India still they are innocent.

India and Indians across the globe celebrate Durga Puja to mark Mahishasur vadh which signify the victory of good over evil. But our innocent JNUSU members celebrate demons like Mahishasur, Narakasur when the whole India celebrates their killing and these students now blame ABVP for opposing their this holy work! While celebrating Martyr day of Mahishasur, JNU students did not hesitate to call Goddess Durga as a sex worker!


These are the students boycotted International yoga day, they readily branded it as communal, fascist forces who are implementing RSS agenda! A speech on Vedanta by Swami Ramdev on Vedanta was forced to cancel by JNUSU because of their anti-Hindu illogical stand. This shows their Intellectual Bankruptcy!

In 2010 Support the Naxalites and ‘celebrate’ the massacre of 76 CRPF men:

When 76 CRPF jawans were massacred at Dantewada in April 2010. In order to celebrate their killings, JNU’s JNU Forum Against War on People (formed by Members of Democratic Students Union (DSU) and All India Students Association (AISA) organized an event. This event was organized to celebrate the killings of CRPF Jawans and to oppose “Operation Green Hunt”.

When APJ Abdul Kalam visited JNU he was whole heatedly welcomed by every student association but one specific student association refused to welcome him and declined offering him bouquet. The student association is same today you see trending in news channels chanting “Bharat ki barbadi tak jang rahegi”(Leftist group CPI(M), AISA, AISF , SFI) and most importantly what was the reason for declining him a bouquet and respect was his active role in Indian nuclear program.


What will you call the people who say Afzal Guru was a ‘Shaheed’?
What will you call the people who ‘pay homage to Martyr Afzal Guru’?
Whay will you call the people who say “India has occupied Kashmir”?
What will you call the people who pray for ‘Bharat ki Barbaadi’?
What will you call the people who worship Mahishasur the demon instead of the Goddess Durga who killed that demon? No, don’t say anything or else you will be called intolerant. You will blamed to deprive innocent (!) students from their Freedom of Expression or Right to Dissent!!! Do you know which is the most dreadful species on Earth? These are AIDS virus, H1N1 virus, ZIKA virus and Indian communists.

Read more on JNU students and Naxal link:

Help me to solve the riddle: JNUSU members were protesting against the hanging of Afzal Guru, paying homage to this their hero. Afzal was hanged during UPA Govt rule. Rahul Gandhi comes out in support of these JNU students and these students accept his support whose Govt has hanged Afzal. All collectively they are blaming Modi Govt and RSS!!! Does it make sense? It looks to me a well-designed plan to divert attention of the Modi Govt’s good work and create social turbulence.

Prestitutes, pseduo seculars, JNU intellecutal and politicians: Court should decide if Isharat Jahan was terrorist or not. My riddle: Why do not you accept the court verdict on Afzal Guru then???


JNU adminstration is taken by surprise with this whole drama. JNU Registrar Bhupinder Zutshi said, “There was nowhere mentioned in the permission request that the event will be on Afzal Guru, they just said that they wanted to organise a cultural event. How can any talk about disintegration of nation be national?” JNU Vice-Chancellor Jagdeesh Kumar informed that the disciplinary committee headed by the Chief Proctor of JNU will investigate holding of an event on campus against the hanging of Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru despite cancellation of permission. He stated further that any talk about country’s disintegration cannot be “national”.

Few super intellectuals defend these students on the name of Freedom of Expression! Can anti-national slogans be entertained under freedom of expression? Where was freedom of expression when the same students did not allow Tarek Fatah or Ramdev baba or President Pranab Mukherji to speak on their campus?

Our Army men are fighting on borders and facing death at Siachen but real enemy freely roaming in JNU or sitting in News studios debating the freedom of expression in shouting anti-national slogans!

Someone once said, “If you are a communist at 20, you have no heart… If you are still a communist at 35, you have no brain,” guess some students at JNU never got that memo.

JNUSU members (I do not prefer to call them students. Why? Please see the below image of so called students.) were paying homage to a terrorist while the whole nation was praying for the brave soldier Hanumanthappa. What an irony! Brave Hanumanthappa defeated avalanche in Siachen and adverse conditions but died in Delhi. Maybe he couldn’t stand traitors abusing India in JNU campus in Delhi.




Subsidized education to these anti-nationals:

Pakistan Link:

What can be more shameful than the twitter trending #PakistanBacksJNU!



Our politicians and media:



If anyone or a group does not like an individual, organization, or party it does not mean that they can do anything against the nation in the name of the hatred they have. If opposition parties, pseduo seculars, super-intellectuals and leftists do not like Narendra Modi or BJP or RSS, it does not mean that they should support Yakoob Memon, Afsal Guru and others who are known terrorists responsible for attacking India, killing many innocents and working against the Sovereignty of India.

In the name of the freedom of expression what is now happening is supporting anti national and anti judiciary activities. Memon and Guru were hanged not by the Indian Prime Minister or BJP, but through the Judges of Supreme court of India. Thus the fight of JNU students and the so called anti-national intellectuals of JNU are fighting against Supreme court verdict and not Government of India verdict.

If these anti-national activities are supported by the media (that is what is glaringly happening now), obviously the nation will suffer for this treachery. All the JNU students or professors do not belong to this anti-national category. But the voice of those who stand on the other side is not heard. They are suppressed or they are forcefully kept mum, another form of intolerance.

Manufactured controversy by Prestitutes:

Court hearing:


Why this is happening?

  1. Rohith Vemula: Cause of Death : Suicide, still suspected by his father who speculates a murder by SFI/AISF. Why would a student, strong enough to face ABVP members would kill himself for a minor altercation? Who was blamed by the media? What did the media try to do? Pitch one Indian student against another.
  2. FTII: The place where “they” got the idea. BJP govt was able to quash the protest, these FTII hooligans are still protesting, but they are not being covered. Same agenda, leftist -> break India.
  3. JNU: Left groups staging anti-India protests in the heart of the capital. Without fear. Who instigated them? Who was funding them? Again, the agenda is same, pitch one Indian student against another, break India.
  4. IITs : The Amberkar periyar circle is gaining importance in IITs, which will lead to their demise. Agenda? Same, break India.

If you are wondering why this series of shameful incidents creating disturbance in India and its development,  find the answer in below image:

FB_IMG_1455648659826This incident at the JNU is nothing but a conspiracy to turn this premier institution of country into a hotbed for separatism and terrorism and bring it a bad name. To conclude I want Modi Govt to be very intolerant to these traitors who in the national capital shouting “Bharat ki baarbadi”. This is disease if not cured quickly, will spread further and we have leftists, prestitutes and deshdrohi Congress party all there to support such movement.

For a second, lets ponder upon the following events and who is blamed.
Batla House Encounter :-
Central Government :- Congress
State Government :- Congress
Police Under :- Congress
Accused of Encounter :- Modi , RSS , BJP
26/11 Killing of Azmal Kasab :-
Central Government :- Congress
State Government :- Congress
Police/Army under :- Congress
Accused of Killing Kasab :- Modi , BJP , RSS
Afzal Guru Hanging :-
Central Government :- Congress
State Government :- Congress
Police/Jail Authority Under :- Congress
Accused of killing Afzal Guru :- Modi , RSS , BJP
I understand , they hate Modi, they have all the rights to hate Modi. You can follow Kejariwal and say any nasty word for Modi but dare you shout anti-India slogan in India..


Suno JNU ke gaddaro, Hum na himmat harenge.. Tum laakho Afzal paida karo, hum chun chun ke marenge. Calling Indian Prime Minister a coward and psychopath is tolerated but shouting anti-India slogans in India will never be tolerated.


Update by the end of April 2016:

1) The court granted six-month interim bail to JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar who is charged with sedition by Delhi Police
2) The court granted six-month interim bail to JNU students Umar Khalid and Anirban Bhattacharya, who are charged with sedition by Delhi Police.
3) After high-level JNU inquiry, in April 2016 JNU took following actions against the guilty
– JNU slapped a fine of Rs. 10,000 on JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar
– rusticated Umar Khalid for for one semester. He has also been slapped a fine of Rs 20,000.
– rusticated Anirban Bhattacharya till 15 July 2016. He has also been barred from JNU campus for a period of five years from 23 July.
– Kashmiri student, Mujeeb Gattoo, has been rusticated for two semesters.
– A penalty of Rs 10,000 has been imposed on JNU students union (JNUSU) joint secretary Saurabh Sharma, the only ABVP member in the union.
– JNU imposed fine of Rs 20,000 to former JNUSU President Ashutosh Kumar, former general secretary Chintu Kumari, current General Secretary Rama Naga, Aishwarya Adhikari, former Vice President Anant Prakash Narayan and Gargi.
– The campus has been made out of bounds for two former students — Banojyotsana Lahiri and Draupadi
— while hostel facilities of Ashutosh Kumar have been withdrawn for a year and Komal Mohite till July 21.


2 thoughts on “JNU- Uni becoming terrorists manufacturing machine!

  1. Very well written article Ashish bhai. By putting various newspaper clippings you have made it very interesting.
    Whatever happened in JNU was unfortunate, not sure what motivation they had behind doing all this.
    But I think its not first time this has happened in JNU, JNU has history of such things. Time to put a stop on it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It is an excellent article. The best ever written article for these a**holes, who are making a hole in the plate that they using to feed themselves for years(Yes, becuse they are f**king that college as long as for 10 years). But writing only about their anti nationality and wrongdoings will end up filling hate, frustration, and shame for these JNU traitors in the people reading this article. My faith in indian brothers and sisters is now struggling after reading this. Sir, it is easy to tell people about this nonsense happening in JNU but don’t you think the people like me, your and anyone who understand the gravity of love for nation, respect for religion, faith in constitution should act against these pigs. Please write something about how we will takle these future-terrerists. You must add what should be done againgst these dogs to teach them how to respect india.
    I’m not from pro RSS or pro BJP, just an Indian and the son of an army man.
    And yes one more thing, slogans should be answered by slogans so here we go.
    “Jai Hind, Jai Bharat”
    “Bharat mata ki jay”
    “Doodh maangoge to kheer denge. Kasmir maangoge the CHEER denge”
    “Agar har ghar se afzal niklega to har ghar bhagat singh bhi niklega”
    “Narendra Modi Zindabaad, Hindustaan Zindabaad”
    and the last one…..
    ” India is my country. All indians r my brothers and sisters. I love my country, and I am proud of it rich and very heritage”

    Liked by 1 person

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