Fake Revolution In India

Intolerance, Beef Ban, Freedom of expression, Save democracy

Because opposition, paid media and Award wapasi Gang wants to derail the development agenda of Modi Govt. The word is invented to counter Modi. As Paresh Rawal said on one TV Interview that these people have got mental constipation and they are still unable to digest Modi as Prime Minister of India. The man who fought with their propaganda for 12 years and after relentless Media coverage against him, he is in power!

it is an conspiracy against BJP and Modi led Government and a joint venture of Media and anti Modi fraction. Their hatred for the modi government has reached such peaks that they attack anything that the BJP does. In fact they are currently creating their vote bank by magnifying small issues which were incumbent even in the Congress era. In fact there were bigger fiascos during congress era against Muslims. Now they have a media which cares much about selling news that even supports them.

Data is not information. Information is not knowledge. Knowledge is not expertise. Expertise is not execution.

Ever since Modi came to power,the NGOs funding has fallen under deep scrutiny.The freeloader intellectuals who were occupying Lutyens Bungalows free of rent for decades are getting thrown out.

India has become the fastest growing economy in the last 1 year.  A layman who is an Indian citizen would not understand the statistics and growth. So the opposition would want to take advantage in one way or the other. Now they have found out the best way to make no one who lives in a village, unread or less aware of the performances of the new government.Before the government will speak to the media about its achievements and deliver any promises to the public, the opposition parties and regional parties will bring up an issue. The best way is intolerance. Religious intolerance, “awardwapsi!”, etc.. All you need to get people doing this for some money.

How it works:

Besides,if Amnesty really means fighting Justice,they wouldn’t have appointed Aakar Patel as their head. He made a career blaming Modi,he frequently writes in Pakistani newspapers with false facts to make them vary of Modi and India.

“The bigger the elephant, the louder are the dog barks”.

First Check at their time of diliverence and their result .

  • Attack on Christian was just before Delhi election Result BJP lost . Tell me Isn’t it a Hypocrisy You Blame Modi For Gujarat Riots because he was CM and yet Leaves Mamta and accuses Modi again as he is a PM.
  • Dadri Lynching ,just before Bihar Election result BJP lost Bihar .Again same logic Why not Akhilesh Why again Modi .Hell they even Made Mulyam Singh the Founder of Grand alliance to leave Alliance so that they can blame Modi.
  • Aamir Khan Controversy ,Just Two days aged of Winter session.Thank God People did not Tolerated Stupidity again ,else the result would be wash out Winter Session.

Indian media responsible for promoting intolerance in India

Modi hands no media freebies, and a big section of Media is pro Congress and Left, trust me they are attempting to do what they did in 2002 Godhra Gujarat and after that for years!

Once BJP ccomes to power, Congress can only return to power again if Muslim votes consolidates against BJP.

Despite India shining, Indian Muslims combined and chose Congress rather than Vajpayee who was doing so well, reason….Godhra riots!

Congress achieves this through trusted media affiliates.

They are at it again.

This time BJP is once bitten twice shy, and also Indian Muslims are also wary of Congress.

Medias job is to spread news not to create it .they report what they see and that in turn create more tensions.

so yes ..they create more intolerence in a socity like india where majority people are waiting to get offended by something. The best way to stop this is to control media like Hitler did ,but india is a democracy so we might hv to tolerate news about intolerence accross our country and be tolerant about it.

Why do people fall in the trap:

  1. Blind followers
  2. Why some people would deny empirical facts, could be because these facts don’t support their chosen paradigm and concept of reality.

What is going on in our country is really very sad, shameful and alarming.

Our leaders in opposition, as if, are left with only one agenda, how to discredit our PM on all issues and how to dislodge NDA from power by any means, generally destructive and disruptive, even by, consciously or unconsciously, joining hands with communal, casteist, selfish forces, thus provoking, promoting, protecting anti-social, anti-national elements, turning democracy into mobocracy, secularism into surrender and appeasement, voting into casteism, authority into favouritism, freedom of expression into cynicism, Parliament into chaos, educational institutions into breeding grounds of hooliganism, communalism, terrorism–all for the sake of promoting perverted self-interests, even at the cost of values like unity, integrity, self-pride, national glory, democracy, secularism, peace, progress, growth, stability, paving ways for the destructive forces to prevail, Doom’s day for our democracy to come.

We habitually repeat the same mistakes, ignoring lessons from history, have become selfishly unconcerned and unfortunately short-sighted, but how long can we afford to be silent, passive, escapists, unaware of our duties, ignorant of ground realities and hope to survive in peace and prosperity !

समर शेष है, नहीं पाप का भागी केवल व्याध।
जो तटस्थ हैं, समय लिखेगा उनका भी इतिहास।

Our insensitive silence has become more dangerous and worrisome than the prevalent senseless violence.

This ‘Intolerant India’ was coined offlet, a couple of months back, by few literary figures, few intellectuals with left leaning and ideaology, and few film personalities in our nation, who as a protest against some stray incidents of violence and attacks on certain individuals not agreeing with Hindu religion ideaology and beliefs , such as  murder of writers Paneshar and Kalburgi in Maha and Karnataka and the attack and murder of a mushlim person in Dadari, UP by a hindu mob on charge of his beaf eating. These distinguished personalities as a protest against the increasing intolerance by certain cross section of Hindu community, who support the government on their Hindu leaning, returned their national awards and honors, given to them from earlier government.

This invited a lot of attention and concern internationally, and a debate has started in Media  whether India, which is known for its unity and harmony  in diversity of its religion, cast, creed, language, regions, any kind one can imagine on this earth being available and coexisting on this part of the earth, is becoming intolerant, specially the Hindu majority community, against the mushlim minorities and their practices, any one one who doesn’t believe in Hindu ideaology. In between, some of our national figures, specially a few popular film actors like Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan raised and escalated this issue further by  giving their statement and sentiments in public against the increasing intolerance offlet.

If we see the pattern of the events, on which already very much have said and analysis given all and everywhere, all this hype and debate  appears to be more a political hype and propaganda, by the opposition political parties and the staunch detractors of Modi and his government,  specially in context of recently held Bihar assembly election. As such there doesn’t look any iota of reality and truth in this all debate and ongoing discussion on the India leading to be an intolerant country. In fact, it appears more the effort, although very negative and antinational kind of, by the opposition political parties to reestablish their loosing political turf against the strong and popular leadership of their deteactor Narendra Modi and his party.

In fact if we go by history, culture and tradition of India, it has been all along a very tolerant and harmonious land, being lived traditionally by all kinds of ethnicities, born on this earth till date, and they having all the freedom and choice to follow their own beliefs, religion, language, culture, tradition. In fact India is the greatest and an unique example of a nation of unity in diversity. And this uniqueness of India is its beauty too. India since ages has adopted the philosophy of universal brotherhood, ‘Tu Vasudhav Kutumbakam ‘, is the mantra of India and the indians living. Hence all this debate on issue of ‘ Intolerant India’ is outrightly baseless and just a political vendetta, manufactured by the political parties, and as citizens of our nation, we should outrightly reject and to participate in any such vendetta and vicious propaganda kind of things, which unnecessarily creates conflict, doubt and anxiety in the minds of the common people, otherwise they are peace-loving and love to live in peace and harmony together, as well as harms the prestige and images of our nation internationally. Need of the hour is every Indian  to solely and heartly participate and support the cause of India in its growth and development, so our future ensures us a developed and prosperous India, which ensures a good and happy living for every Indian.

Intolerance or fear of unknown ?
Debates can be classified in a number of ways and debate over Intolerance is the one that falls in the ‘worthless’ category because
it started due to one thing (as a protest towards assault of intellectuals and murder in Dadri by extreme elements of society)
was steered towards some other thing (Is this Intolerance a new thing or an old phenomenon in this nation?)
and ended in a completely counterproductive manner ( Tagged India as an extremist, intolerant nation on the world map) giving neither solutions to the problem of assaults by extremists nor answers to the questions it generated…

So whose fault is this?
Is this the fault of those authors who returned their awards in protest and generated huge drama?
Is it the fault of Indian Media for propagating the debate in the wrong direction ?
Is it the fault of Authorities like Prime Minister or ‘Sahitaya Akadami’ who showed silence and ignorance towards these killings leading to restlessness among people and pressure groups?

Answers to these questions may polarize this article, so it is upto readers to decide who is at fault here.
Moreover, what’s more important than blaming the culprits of a dead debate is finding the solution of a huge problem called extremism and looking for answers of some critical questions.

P. Chidambaram, Congress party’s Ex-Finance Minister says “A university is a place where a student is allowed to be ridiculous!”. Our national media picks it up and promotes it.

Does ridiculous means, being anti-India?

Then how come he and his party are being ridiculous, long since they left their colleges/universities?

If the same had happened in the US, the guys would be behind bars for at least 250 years!

If the same had happened in China (The Indian Left who claim to be communists, should try doing the same in China!) the responsible persons would have been executed.

The Left and Congress will try to divide India on caste lines, whenever they feel India is being united on the grounds of “Love for the Country!”.

And why are NDTV/Rajdeep Sardesai fighting like party workers?

Aren’t they supposed to be the Press? Which means just telling the “NEWS” as it is and being neutral!

Journalism in India is a joke!

And what about the state/regional TV channels owned by the respective regional satraps in every state? They are more like propaganda channels.

Example: KCR owns a channel in Telangana, YS Jagan owes one in Andhra, Jaya TV in Tamilnadu etc. etc. Can you call them Media?

So tomorrow I injure someone by indulging in reckless driving and demand that there be a judge in the court who belongs to my caste?

Congress, their NGO’s, the Leftists, their media channels, their Watchdogs etc. etc. and the whole apparatus that was successfully setup in the last 10 years of the UPA rule are now retorting to dangerous games.

Remember why India was successfully ruled by the British and we were slaves in our own country?

Because Indians will fight each other, even to the extent that they will team up with foreigners in doing so.

Rahul Gandhi telling the US Ambassador that RSS is the biggest threat.

The Leftist commies (Rajya Sabha should be shut down forever, as it brings in dangerous old foxes like Yechury, Digvijay Singh etc. who otherwise cannot face and win elections, and who end up destroying India!) who petitioned the US president that Modi shouldn’t be invited to the US after he becomes  PM!

Did the so called Right-wingers of India ever invoke foreign elements like this?

I can go on and on and on. It is sad to see the state of affairs in India.

I was shunted out of my state for my “caste” (By the so called regional party, a best buddy of congress at coalition time). I am not eligible for any reservation. The reason they say is that 4-5 generations back my great great grandfathers practiced caste-ism.

So tomorrow if I hurt someone. Is it “justice” that 5-6 generations down the line my family then, pay for my sins?

I am leaving India for good as I will be judged for what I am than who I am in terms of caste/religion.

And being a Hindu seems to be like a sin these days in India! If I say Jai Shree Ram, I am a communal person.

If Shahrukh Khan invokes his god during his normal conversations, which is the usual practice in their day to day speech, then the so called “Liberal” gang don’t judge him!

See this tweet by a congress worker, who later deleted it.


There is too much of hype. Most things are a creation of media to get more TRPs. The politics in India is touching new lows every other day. I am not saying everyone is bad, there are good people but they can’t do anything alone.

India needs reforms in the political system, the powers of the legislatures needs to be reformed. There should be eligibility criteria for electoral candidates. We have a Right to Education, but our representatives are not educated. Poverty, illiteracy, Unemployment are the main reasons why people get misguided by nuisance mongers.

If we want India to develop, it is we, the citizens of this country who can make this happen. We should try to solve the basic problems this country is facing. If every capable individual contributes to this cause for one hour a week, then that day is not far behind. By saying doing our bit, I never meant monetary contribution, we don’t need that, we should help the needy, teach them earn a living, create awareness by getting involved in the community. As a result, people will be more educated, they will get to differentiate between choices, elect better representatives, filter news from noise and participate in taking the nation forward.

Georges Clemenceau (1841 – 1929), prime minister of France during World War I once said: “War is too important a matter to be left to the generals.” This wisdom can now be applied to those calling themselves by names like Indologist, India Studies Expert, South Asia Expert (the latest fashion) and so forth.

India is young and everyone talks about its demographic dividend. But what about its leaders? VS Achuthanandan is 93 years old and Karunanidhi is 91. As per Indian tradition, both these leaders should have gone into vanaprastha seeking liberation, but here they are- leading their parties to power in two important states.

I remember one dialogue from Gangs Of Wasseypur, told by Ramadheer Singh:

Hum zinda hai kyunki hum Cinema(Saneema) nahi dekhte,
Sab ke dimaag mein picture chal rhi hai. Sab saale hero banana chah rahe hai apni-apni picture mein,
E saala jab tak cinema (saneema) hai Hindustan mein log chutiya bante rahenge,
Kyunki asli bahubali aapein hai babusahab
Jis tarah loha lohe ko katata hai, waise hi Chutiya hi to chutiya ko marega


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