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Shraddhanjali to my Grandfather!

Death is the only certain thing in everybody’s life. It can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. My experience with losing someone very close to me is difficult to describe. I lost my maternal grandfather Shri. Damodhar Bapuji Muttepawar (87 year) on 5th February 2017. He was more than grandfather for me. He was an inspiration to… Continue reading Shraddhanjali to my Grandfather!


Conspiracy of Award Wapasi

It is just unfortunate and a game of politics. It can also be counterproductive as the left wing academia might be playing all its cards too early. That group is going all-in and staking all its credibility on an issue in which the central government has very little role to play. And most importantly, it… Continue reading Conspiracy of Award Wapasi