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Bharat Mata ki Jai!

The female personification of India is Bharat Mata and history of thousands of years has many references to this term. Most prominently it was seen during independence movement. Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay’s in 1882 wrote a novel Anandamath and introduced the hymn “Vande Mātaram” which soon became the song of the emerging freedom movement in India. A R Rahman, a… Continue reading Bharat Mata ki Jai!

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Unfolding lifestory of Dr. Subramanian Swami

Dr. Subramanian Swamy, born 15 September 1939, is a well-known Indian politician and economist who serves as a member of the Rajya Sabha. Five time parliamentarian, two-time Union Minister Subramanian Swamy can be introduced as a beloved teacher, world-known economist, brilliant mathematician, shrewd politician, born rebel, crusader, Emergency-era hero, multilingual, dog lover, a staunch Hindu… Continue reading Unfolding lifestory of Dr. Subramanian Swami

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Everything @AgustaWestland chopper scam

Story of the ₹36 billion deal for 12 AW-101 choppers to ferry VVIPs that ran into rough weather when it was discovered that bribes were paid to IAF officers, bureaucrats and politicians in India to win the deal. Current Status: In April 2016, Guiseppe Orsi, the former chief of Finmeccanica UK (which owns AgustaWestland) and… Continue reading Everything @AgustaWestland chopper scam

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Real intolerance:You can critique Gandhi but not Mother Teresa!

In India one can critique MK Gandhi, President Mukherjee, PM Narendra Modi, but not Mother Teresa and her sainthood! This is real intolerance in India- unfortunate but true. Background: On 17 December 2015, the Vatican confirmed that Pope Francis recognized a second miracle attributed to Mother Teresa involving the healing of a Brazilian man with multiple… Continue reading Real intolerance:You can critique Gandhi but not Mother Teresa!

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TricolourForUnity-Who’s got a problem?

Last evening I watched the debate on TIMES NOW on hoisting Indian flag in Govt funded Universities in India a new initiative by Modi Govt. I was shocked, deeply pained, immensely hurt and equally angered after watching the debate and non-sense opposition to hoist the national flag in universities. I couldn’t think of anything else than ridiculous opposition… Continue reading TricolourForUnity-Who’s got a problem?

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JNU- Uni becoming terrorists manufacturing machine!

I was upset and very much angry to see JNU students shouting anti-India slogans.  Being 7,658 km away from my motherland, I still felt the immense pain as much as any other patriotic Indian in India. Further the frustration grew when I saw every Tom Dick and Harry from political circle who does not have… Continue reading JNU- Uni becoming terrorists manufacturing machine!

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Political Tussle On Women Entry in Temples

While worrying ourselves over gender discrimination at the abode of gods, we have got into smart trap of degrading the culture, demeaning Hindu religion and getting into a non-issue of matter.  With this topic, we have brought the gods down to earth, dissected them on TV panels and hauled them to courts. Lets pause for a moment and… Continue reading Political Tussle On Women Entry in Temples