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Decoding strike on Brussels by ISIS

There were two explosions (suicide attacks) at around 08:00 (07:00 GMT) on Tuesday 22nd March 2016 at Zaventem airport in Brussels, Belgium as people queued to check in at near the American Airlines and Brussels Airlines check in desks. A US official says security officials believe at least one suitcase bomb was detonated at Brussels… Continue reading Decoding strike on Brussels by ISIS

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TricolourForUnity-Who’s got a problem?

Last evening I watched the debate on TIMES NOW on hoisting Indian flag in Govt funded Universities in India a new initiative by Modi Govt. I was shocked, deeply pained, immensely hurt and equally angered after watching the debate and non-sense opposition to hoist the national flag in universities. I couldn’t think of anything else than ridiculous opposition… Continue reading TricolourForUnity-Who’s got a problem?

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JNU- Uni becoming terrorists manufacturing machine!

I was upset and very much angry to see JNU students shouting anti-India slogans.  Being 7,658 km away from my motherland, I still felt the immense pain as much as any other patriotic Indian in India. Further the frustration grew when I saw every Tom Dick and Harry from political circle who does not have… Continue reading JNU- Uni becoming terrorists manufacturing machine!

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Intolerance or Hypocrisy? Or both?

What happened? A leading Marathi newspaper group, Lokmat’s office was attacked in multiple places in Maharashtra. The copies of the Sunday edition of the newspaper were also burnt at several places because of a cartoon published in Lokmat’s supplement Manthan which depicted text related to ISLAM and ISIS (ISLAMIC STATE- the most evil extremist organisation in… Continue reading Intolerance or Hypocrisy? Or both?